Lizzie Butcher Coaching

I’m passionate about helping women become balanced badass forces of nature, who wholeheartedly love who they are and what they do.


Do you often feel overcome with emotion or are you stuck in a rut? Are you on the edge of a burnout or can’t see how to create your path to success?
Let me help you.

Learn the tools to take on each day with a calmer headspace and more energy

Feel less fear and more confidence in yourself, your skills and with others

Overcome your patterns of control and perfectionism to finally feel free 

I’m Lizzie,

Connection with people and helping them discover their true potential is what sets my soul alive.

I help C-level executives, businesswomen and creatives around the world cut through the work-life hustle stress to create a life that’s filled with confidence, excitement, and balanced success. I have a natural strength in recognising and cultivating the potential in others through my empathic and strategic 1:1 coaching style. Together we’ll take things back to basics and help you start living the life you really want to lead.

I’ve got you.

I’ll teach you how to use my proven formulas and guide you to:

  • Break down the barriers of fear
  • Learn how to place trust in yourself
  • Get clear on what you have to offer the world
  • Discover the confidence to speak your truth each day
  • Let go of the stress that is holding you back
  • Make your dreams a reality

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Lizzie created a safe space for me when I was feeling my most vulnerable.”

Lizzie helped me during an incredibly challenging period in my life. She created and environment for me to feel safe when I was feeling my most vulnerable and she taught me techniques which helped me visualise my goals. I’m still practicing them to this day! Even though I was in Africa, and she was in the Middle East, I felt totally supported and enjoyed every session.

Carla | Cape Town, South Africa | 29

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“An invaluable way to keep myself accountable with my goals.”

My confidence has really grown in areas that I needed to work on, and didn’t realize I needed to work on, and I don’t let things hold me back anymore. I see challenges in a different way now and I am always looking for solutions instead of giving up on things. I have found my coaching with Lizzie invaluable and a great way to keep myself accountable with goals.

Jen | Dubai, UAE | 31

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lizzie helped me get clear about the future of my life and my career.”

Before my coaching with Lizzie I felt very lost and overwhelmed. I had an idea of where I wanted to be in life, but I had no idea how to get there. Lizzie helped me break my goals into smaller, more achievable ones, and get clear about my future. I am now free of the extreme pressures that I used to put on myself and have a helpful framework to guide myself forward.

Chelsea | NSW, Australia | 22

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