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Giving high performing minds the clarity, energy & confidence to live a purpose driven life, both personally and professionally.



Have you been reaching
incredible career achievements…
But something is still missing?

Overcome mindset blocks to get out of your own way and take action on the things you’ve been wanting to do for years

Understand how to live a life that truly excites you, with a strong and confident mindset to helpreach there with ease

Create your own definition of success and live with energy, motivation and excitement in what you do and who you are

I’m Lizzie,

Connection with people and helping them discover their true potential is what sets my soul alive.

I help you cut through the work-life hustle stress to create a life that’s filled with confidence, excitement, and sustainable success. I have a natural strength in recognising and cultivating the potential in others through my empathic and strategic 1:1 coaching style. Together we’ll take things back to basics and help you start living the life you really want to lead.

It’s your time to claim the life of fulfilment you desire.

I’ll teach you how to use my proven formulas and guide you to:

  • Break down the barriers of fear
  • Learn how to place trust in yourself
  • Redefine success to create a balanced, embodied way of living
  • Discover the confidence to speak your truth each day
  • Let go of the stress that is holding you back
  • Set boundaries and transform relationships with family

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I have my energy, spark, enthusiasm and excitement back.”

Lizzie helped me during an incredibly challenging period in my life. She created and environment for me to feel safe when I was feeling my most vulnerable and she taught me techniques which helped me visualise my goals and manage my anxiety. I’m still practicing them to this day! I feel I finally have my energy, spark, enthusiasm and excitement back. I felt totally supported and enjoyed every session.

Carla | Cape Town, South Africa | 29

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I am far more confident to go after the things I want.

My work with Lizzie has been completely life changing. As someone who has read so many self-help books, I really couldn’t believe how much of an impact coaching would make on my life.
I feel far more confident to go after the things I want. I back myself SO much more. I’ve confronted limiting mindsets and beliefs that have been holding me back for years. I was working making someone else money in a job I didn’t like in a city that no longer felt like home. Now I am working for myself living in the most beautiful place on earth.

Liv | Byron, Australia | 28

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lizzie has seamlessly helped me to bring my life to a whole new level.”

Lizzie knew me from the stressed and humiliated Mid-Level executive in a large Dubai-based corporation and guided me through a journey of establishing into a confident independent C-Level Manager. Able to set up goals, evaluate progress and keep a track of things that matter.
I have started to care more about myself and my inner peace, found a balance between work and personal life.
Lizzie has seamlessly helped me to bring my life to the whole new level.

Ekaterina | Dubai, UAE | 34

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